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EYE magazine issue 86 features stencil fonts. We are proud to be included with Ciseaux & Pezzo fonts

The BBC used Wilton Foundry's "Plumage" for their classic four season hit series "Lark Rise To Candleford" It was also used by Penguin books for the book with the same title.

Erfurt is one of the oldest cities in Germany, first mentioned by St. Boniface in 742. It has a rich tradition as a university city with a magnificent cathedral and important connections with Martin Luther. The city of Erfurt uses the WERK family as their official font. Branding and font acquisition for the city by Artus Atelier GmbH & Co. KG

I co-created Chatype, the first official typeface for a city in the USA. What's more, it is also the fist typeface created for a city that was not commissioned by a city. It is freely and exclusively available to Chattanooga citizens and businesses. Above are some of the early ideas I had during the design process. Chattanooga city government made Chatype its official font in August 2013. See the Chatype website here >>

Wilton Foundry fonts are distributed by several distributors. 

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